ViBE is the first remotely controlled Dance Studio & Creative Space in Los Angeles. You are lucky to discover Vibe Dance Studio! Especially during the pandemic this is the only studio you can rent where there is no other people around, As private as it gets! You would have to use a special code to open the studio inside everything is controlled by voice or iPad. You can practice by yourself here also You can have some private coaching with your students.  Full Dance Studio rental is only $49 and its perfect for DANCE, YOGA, WORKSHOPS, FITNESS etc. what's unique: is there is No Front Desk! Everything is happening online! ViBE is always Open and Available for booking 24/7. All you need is: 1) Complete the booking application; 2) Use VENMO or PayPal to complete with the payments; 3) Receive unique access code; 4) Enter  ViBE with a smart phone or access code (if you cancel/reschedule within the 48 hours or more before your rental starts, you will still keep your rental credit. If you cancel/reschedule with the 24 hours or less and/or no-show for your rental, you will not be refunded or receive studio credit. Rental bookings must be cancelled/rescheduled via Cancellation request within 24 hours of reservation time. Failure to cancel/reschedule within the 24 hour period will result in loss of a paid rental.).

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Full Dance Studio Space Rental



Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the booking date, will receive a 100% refund, cancelations within 48 hours from booking date -  50% refund, cancelations within 24 hours - no refund)

You will have entire 1.000 Sq Ft place all for your private needs at your convenience. Enjoy using highest quality DanceVision specially designed dance floor.  You can have your private or group lesson for up to 30 people. Enjoy using high level Boss speakers, dimmable and color changing lights, mood setting lights, AirCondition, clean fully equipped restroom, huge 50 car private parking, private entry etc .

How to Book?

Step 1 - Fill out simple booking request.
Step 2 - 
Receive Confirmation via e-mail
Step 3 - Proceed with payment

Simple Booking Request:

02:30 PM
02:30 PM
I Would you like to scout before booking

Thanks for submitting!

Attention: ONLY after receiving approval Confirmation via e-mail or text - Please proceed with the payments via VENMO (look for @Oleg-Astakhov) or PayPal (mark Friends & Family):