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Private Ballroom Dance Lessons


Private ballroom dance lesson - is the best and fastest way to learn Ballroom and Latin dances. Sessions are "one on one" with top professional dance teacher. ​

During 45 min lesson you will learn: stylish dance routine, musicality, leg actions, heap actions, body actions, timing, leading and following techniques etc. 

Your teacher will focus on your personal needs and goals. ​

Pro/Am program - for students who interested in taking part in popular dance competitions as well as shows with their teaches - Pro/Am (Professional/Amateur) exactly like you see on popular TV show Dancing With The Stars but with You as a star.



1 private lesson - $115 per lesson

5 lesson package - $575 

10 lesson package - $1.100  ($110 per lesson)


(each session is 45 min long, one on one with professional dance teacher)​


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