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every WEDNESDAY at 7:30 pm


2939 S Sepulveda blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

classes are 50 min long  $29 per person



We are BALL ROOM. Forever true to our desire to improve. We're for those in pursuit of excellence and those seeking the purest sense of self.

We are on a way to rise above who we were yesterday. If it didn’t make us feel this strong, we wouldn’t keep fighting for it.

This is BALL ROOM.

BALL ROOM is a collection of 45-50 minute total body workouts based on professional ballroom technical dance exercises. At the core of our technique we use a thoughtful series of low impact, isometric movements that are designed to produce results. You'll use the ballet Barre and other light equipment as you move through class, focusing on different areas of your body. Your muscles will shake. You'll get stronger with each class. And ultimately, you'll rise above who you were yesterday. Precise. Proud. Balanced. Passionate.


Rooted in our classic technique, BALL ROOM is the fastest, most effective full-body workout. You’ll be guided through a series low-impact, high intensity movements that are designed to strengthen and tone your body in ways that no other technique can. Give us 50 minutes and we’ll give you the best of BALL ROOM - long and lean muscle tone without the bulk.

MANIFESTO from founders - Oleg and Kristina

Our new baby - "BALL ROOM" - is an absolutely the most amazing form of exercising, where by practicing specially designed MOVES you are not only will develop a phenomenal figure (just like any top professional ballroom dancer) but also at the same time will learn how to dance Ballroom on it's highest level!

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